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What is Heel Hold?

Heel-hold is a specially formulated pressure-sensitive adhesive used to provide traction between the foot and a shoe.


Is Heel Hold only for use with high heels?

Heel-hold can be used with most shoes. It is recommended for shoes with fabric liners. Adhesive may pull show liners out if removed.


Can Heel-Hold be used on a shoe that is too small?

Heel-Hold can be used to prevent shoes from slipping and rubbing. When a shoe is too tight, a small amount of the product can be placed between the foot and the shoe to keep the foot from moving inside the shoe.


Will it work on the front of my shoe or is it just for the heel of shoes?

Heel-hold can be used in the front to secure the ball of the foot, in the back of the shoe to secure the heel, or anywhere in the shoe to prevent slipping and rubbing.


Is Heel-Hold reusable?

Heel-hold reusable. Heel hold can be removed after use and put in another pair of shoes.   It will leave residue in the shoe that will be reactivated upon next wear. Use the container provided for re-use. Heel-hold can be reactivated by rolling in your hands.

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