Heel Hold Heel Wax  comes in 3 oz. or 6 oz. size. The 3 oz. size works well for 1-2 pairs of shoes and 6 oz. is best for use on 3-4 pairs. Apply a small amount of Heel Hold inside the heel of shoes or inside in the toe of shoes to support the ball of the foot area. Heel Hold  is body heat activated and will form to the foot and shoe after applying pressure from standing and walking. Once Heel Hold is activated in the shoe, the foot will stay inside without slipping out. Heel Hold may be left inside shoes for repeated usage. Be careful when removing the product to avoid pulling out the shoe liner. Best results achieved if the shoe liner is not fabric or pourus. Placing tape inside the shoe before application will also make the adhesive easier to remove if necessary. To remove Heel-Hold from the shoe liner after use, apply adhesive remover (included).  Heel Hold may be reused again until it will no longer adhere to the shoe. Residual amounts of Heel Hold inside the shoe will still give grip.

Heel Hold Wax

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  • For best results apply inside the shoe under your heel and ball of your foot if your foot slides forward in the shoe. Heel Hold is a pressure and heat activated adhesive that may pull the shoe liner away from the inside of a shoe if removed. It is recommend for semi-permanent use to help prevent feet from slipping inside of a shoe. It will not adhere well to pourus fabric shoe liners. Masking tape may be applied to the inside of the shoe to help Heel-Hold adhere and tape will also help remove the product from the shoe easier. Remove carefully and keep in a sealed plastic bag to avoid product drying out so It can be reused. Heel Hold may work with pantyhose or light socks but it will adhere to fabric and cannot be removed, so do so only in emergency shoe problem situation. Be cautious using cleaners always test first to avoid damaging materials such as leather.