This is a Shoe Gap Filler Kit for shoes that are too large by 1/2 size or more. 2 ounces of the two-part putty will mold in minutes to the shape of your heel, fill the gap space, and make shoe fit tight.  Shoe Gap Filler Kit includes 2 oz. sample of Heel Hold Wax to be applied to inside of shoe to prevent the foot from slippling out. This is the supreme kit for shoe fit!

Shoe Gap Filler Kit

SKU: 0006
  • Shoe Gap Filler is a two-part mix. Before mixing 2 parts together, put your foot inside shoe to gauge how much product you would need to fill the space. Use a small amount of one color part only, to determine the right amount needed to fill the gap. This product will harden quickly once both parts are mixed.  We suggest doing one foot at a time. Once the right amount is determined, seperate product into 4 equal size balls (2 of each color). Mix 2 parts together by kneading them quickly until one even color is achieved. Apply to the back of the heel, inside the shoe, avoiding the bottom of foot area.  Put your foot in and form product into shoe. Remove any product that pushes out of the shoe, keeping product below the top of the shoe line so that is less visible when wearing. Stand still while the product cures. Once product begins to set, it is possible to sit and wait for the product to completely cure (up to 15 minutes). Once product is set, remove foot. To protect the inside of shoe, and to help removal of the product later, line the inside of the shoe heel area with masking tape before applying product.